Awaken Your Unshakeable Self-Confidence

We're helping leaders break free from self-doubt, fear and the negative inner-dialogue that holds them back by teaching our proven methods to develop the skills needed to become an even more effective and Courageous Leader -  professionally, personally and socially.

Become a Courageous Leader that generates amazing results and positively impacts lives!

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Learn what they don’t teach you about Courageous Leadership in school or MBA Programs

  • Increase your self-awareness and self-power by choosing your energy and essence!
  • Discover tools and develop skills to help you be among chaos, but not become of it!
  • Understand people in ways you never thought of to develop stronger relationships at work and at home.


Hi, we're Mary and Ed.

As the founders of Lead Peak Performance, LLC and creators of The Power of How Awakening Your Unshakeable Self-Confidence Leadership Development Course. We help leaders rapidly advance their leadership capabilities and influence.

If you wake up each morning wondering how to be more inspiring and influential with those you lead and more able to deliver extraordinary results... you're not alone.

We've helped hundreds of our clients awaken their courage for superpower mental and emotional grit, build powerful, inspiring relationships with others to solve problems and leverage opportunities, and create and sustain diverse, equitable and inclusive cultures of unlimited performance results.

Please signup now if you are ready for a transformational journey of self-development and growth. If you want to know more about our proven Awakening Your Unshakeable Self-Confidence Course, we'd like to offer you a free strategy session where we will discuss how our formula can help you achieve your goals and dreams as a leader.

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Download your FREE Leadership Handbook and watch a FREE Case Study on why so many leaders fail

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